UNITY  of Hilton Head: 
A Positive Path
 for Spiritual 
at 10 a.m.

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1300 Fording
 Island Rd.
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  Bluffton, SC

We Meet Sunday
at 10 a.m.

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UNITY of Hilton Head:
A Positive Path for Spiritual Living

The Mission Of UNITY of Hilton Head: A Positive Path for Spiritual Living is to help ourselves and others experience God's unconditional love and acceptance.


Welcome to UNITY of Hilton Head: A Positive Path for Spiritual Living:  A loving, joy-filled spiritual community made up of people who embrace the spiritual essence in every person. We respect the universal truths in all religions and each individual's right to choose a spiritual path. At Unity, you'll find a spiritual community to join and support you on your journey.

UNITY of Hilton Head: A Positive Path for Spiritual Living belongs to UNITY Worldwide
which sees God as good and everywhere present and affirms the spark of Divinity in all of us. We believe that we can co-create heaven on Earth through our words, thoughts and actions. Please join us on Sunday for our service or attend one of our classes. You'll find a spiritual family who embraces community spirit, prayer and meditation, sacred service, spiritual education and joyful living.

UNITY of Hilton Head:
A Positive Path for Spiritual Living

Meets Sundays
at 10 a.m.
Seaquins Ballroom
1300 Fording
Island Road, (nearTanger I)
Bluffton, S.C.

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"Present and Ready"
September, 2014

  As a child in NYC, September meant giving up the hazy, lazy days of Summer and going back to school.  Since I really loved school, that was always a good thing for me.  Later as a college student in New England, I looked forward to the beautiful panorama of color in the trees and the lush carpet the fallen leaves provided under my feet.  And later as an English teacher, September again meant returning to a job I loved. Although it was sometimes uncomfortable to have to move away from the familiar, change always ushered in something good for me.

   The month of September, especially in the areas that experience the four seasons, can be a reminder that good things can come out of “unwanted change.”  When we decide to accept any change and explore its value in our lives, right here in this moment -- real energy can be released.

  My former husband changed jobs at least six times in the ten years in which we were married.  And each change required a major move to another city, state or country. Which meant, having to leave my graduate program at the University of Arizona, and five jobs I loved after that. Each time he told me he had quit his job and found another, my first reaction was “Not Now!”

  In our lives, as in “Crunch Time” in basketball, when during the last two minutes of the fourth quarter, and the score is tied, each player must be fully present and ready to move spontaneously in order to win, there are only two moments that really count:

  1. NOW

  2. NOT NOW

   Although NOT NOW often seems like an easier choice, unfortunately, when in that attitude, it is impossible to harvest the energy of our Higher Power.  And without that energy, we are not aware of actions that could move us forward.  It wasn’t until I released the NOT NOW  energy and focused on the NOW, that things began to fall in place for me. 

In order to move into a NOW attitude, I stopped asking the question: “Is there a teaching job available where I’m going?” And I began asking: “Am I available to the ever-present good of the universe where I am going?”

  Since our Higher Power, which responds to our hopes, desires and intensions, can only be experienced in the NOW MOMENT, becoming very present opened me to the ordinary miracles that came into my life. Not only did I always find a better teaching job than the one I had left behind, but I became pregnant with my fourth child: a wonderful change for a woman who had been told she would never be able to conceive again.   

  That attitude of becoming open to change by releasing myself into the NOW MOMENT and celebrating my life exactly as it was at the time, is what allowed me to trust my Higher Power to redirect me, and keep me, spontaneously ready to make whatever changes I was called to make.

  Just as I had finished my MA in Spanish at the University of Tucson, my former husband informed me that he wanted to leave his Math program and move to Connecticut. Excited about completing a doctorate in Spanish, I was strongly into the NOT NOW mode when he told me that.  But, trusting my Higher Power to redirect me, and keep me, spontaneously ready to do whatever I was called to do, I gave up my dream of becoming a Spanish Professor, released myself into the NOW, Focused on what was good about my life with him, and followed him to Connecticut.

  Releasing myself into the NOW, not only kept me spontaneously ready to do whatever I was called to do, but ultimately made my biggest, life-long, dream of becoming a minister come true. As much as I loved Tucson, I learned to love Connecticut even more. In fact, I still refer to my life in Connecticut as my "Camelot years."

 Louise Hay says that the NOW MOMENT is the Point of Power.  When we become willing to move out of that NOT NOW energy, and release ourselves to the NOW MOMENT, we move into the Point of Power and become available to the ever-present, ordinary miracles in our lives. 

 Oprah Winfrey says that she has a sign on her wall at home and at work, which says, “Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this place.”  The next time a change comes into your life, instead of saying “NOT NOW!” take responsibility for the energy that you are bringing into your life. Do that , and like those Basketball players during Crunch Time, you will be open to making whatever changes are necessary for  those ordinary miracles to begin showing up in your life.  

Choosing Love,
Rev. Julia