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The Thought Exchange Group
 4th Sunday
 Noon to
2:00 p.m. 

Sequins Ballroom 
with Pat Bell, Phd.
The group will meet every fourth Sunday of each month to discuss David Friedman's book and actually participate in the process of the Thought Exchange. Click for more.
UNITY of Hilton Head:
A Positive Path for Spiritual Living

The Mission Of UNITY of Hilton Head: A Positive Path for Spiritual Living is to help ourselves and others experience God's unconditional love and acceptance.


Welcome to UNITY of Hilton Head: A Positive Path for Spiritual Living:  A loving, joy-filled spiritual community made up of people who embrace the spiritual essence in every person. We respect the universal truths in all religions and each individual's right to choose a spiritual path. At Unity, you'll find a spiritual community to join and support you on your journey.

UNITY of Hilton Head: A Positive Path for Spiritual Living belongs to UNITY Worldwide
which sees God as good and everywhere present and affirms the spark of Divinity in all of us. We believe that we can co-create heaven on Earth through our words, thoughts and actions. Please join us on Sunday for our service or attend one of our classes. You'll find a spiritual family who embraces community spirit, prayer and meditation, sacred service, spiritual education and joyful living.

UNITY of Hilton Head:

A Positive Path for Spiritual Living

Meets Sundays
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Is available

(Fred Astaire Dance Studio)
1300 Fording Island Rd.
Near Tanger I Outlet Mall
Bluffton, SC

Julia Johnson, Ph.D.


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Easter SUNDAY at
" A Spiritual Visitation"
Did Mary Magdalene see the resurrection of a flesh-and-blood Jesus or did she have a spiritual visitation?  Was she a saint of a fallen woman in need of redemption?  Get some facts that could help you decide for yourself.

The Flowering 
of the Easter Wreath Ceremony

"Preparing for Transformation"
April, 2014

The 40-day Lenten Season is about recalculating our direction so that we can prepare for a shift.  This is how we begin the process of preparing  for that desired shift in consciousness.

    The Disciple who represents the power of faith is the disciple PETER, who in Jesus three times taught us that Fear and Love are mutually exclusive.
   Therefore, in order to activate the Faculty of Faith which is vital to transformation, we have to listen to the voice of Love rather than our egoic voice which is always about fear.
   One Christmas, my children gave me a   navigation system for my car.  All I have to do is key in my destination and it maps out my entire route on a little screen. Then it tells me where to turn in order to get to my destination. That navigation system reminds me of the voice of God within me because every time I get distracted and miss my turn, a very calm voice tells me she is recalculating. Then she simply recalculates the direction and helps me get to my destination.

   Sometimes, when I'm listening to the radio and not paying attention, she will repeat in her calm, reassuring voice, “Please make a U-Turn, if possible.“
   Even when my radio is on too loud and I keep on ignoring her, that does not stop her from continuing to recalculate my direction, without judgment she offers me a new route to follow.
   Lent is about recalculating our direction and finding a new route to follow.  It is about finding a new route that will ultimately lead us to the ability to rise again, to rise above any limiting condition that Easter represents.
   There have been times in my life when I have ignored that God voice inside of me that kept suggesting that I recalculate. As long as I ignored that voice, I continued to be fearful and anxious.  But once I decided to listen to my Divine Intuition, to the voice of God in me, without judgment, that God voice in me, recalculated my direction and offered me a new route to follow.
   Can you relate to that? The Roman guards were in Peter’s face screaming "Do you know this man?" Crazed with Fear, the disciple Peter denied knowing Jesus three times.

   But once he worked through his fear, and realized his mistake, without judgment, that God voice within him recalculated his direction and offered him a new route to follow.
   In Jesus' parable of The Prodigal Son, we see the same thing. The prodigal son had squandered his entire inheritance and found himself eating the slop he fed to the pigs. But once he turned within and realized he had made a bad choice, and became willing to change directions. Without judgment, that Divine Spirit within him recalculated his position and gave him a new route to follow.
   If you have made decisions that no longer serve you, Lent is the good time to begin to recalculate the direction you have been following.  Once you begin the process by releasing fear and stepping out in faith, that Spirit of God in you will offer you a new route to follow.
May you have a blessed Easter.

Dr. Julia